Me, by an eight year old client and friend

“Your Shot” Studio Images

Portraits of family and friends are precious.  Somehow they’re even more precious when you’ve taken them yourself, or your kids have.  But the results can be a bit hit and miss.

So you might go to a studio for a portrait session, wanting to capture your family for posterity, or wanting a big print for the wall.  Those are great – but the photographs are taken by a stranger.  You’ll get some lovely shots of course – but a truly meaningful portrait captures something else about a relationship.

That’s where I come in.  I bring a portable studio to you.  You’re at home, so you’re already more comfortable and more yourself.  We set up the background, studio flash, reflector, and camera.  I talk you through what to do – and then it’s your turn!

You take it in turns to take photographs of each other.  Siblings photograph siblings, parents photograph children, children photograph parents, friends photograph friends.  Everyone shoots, and everyone sits.  Let the cat join in, if the cat will keep still.  Let the children take formal portraits of their favourite soft toys.

Children love being allowed to use the studio equipment.  Even a lively three-year-old can have a go.  I’ve always trusted them, and so far nothing’s been broken!  It’s a lot of fun, and you all end up with photographs that you can be proud of.

After the session, I’ll process the images and set up a gallery for you to choose which prints you want to buy.

Packages start from £395 (for groups of up to 5 people) and include a £175 session fee payable on booking. Click here to contact me for further details.