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It's a strange thing, having your portrait taken.  Some people are comfortable in front of the camera; for others, it feels too awkward, or too vain, or frankly way too scary.  It can make you feel peculiarly vulnerable and exposed.

I'd encourage you not to be scared.   I'd encourage you not to have a makeover (unless that's something you often do) or ask me to airbrush away your perceived flaws.  The people who love you love you as you are.  And you can have beautiful, natural photographs of you, as you are.  Clever angles and lovely light will flatter, and they won't erase all trace of character and leave you looking like a plastic doll.

So let's do it.  Have a portrait made.  Put it on the wall, if you want; but if not, keep it safe in a box or an album to look at in years to come.  It'll be precious one day, if not now.  

Give me a call.  We'll talk, maybe meet, and decide how you want to play it.  Sitting and chatting, or out and about; own clothes, or dressed up; playing an instrument or playing a role, or just catching you unawares - we'll get a picture that tells a story about you.

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