Do you have a DSLR that you’ve never learnt to use properly?  Stuck on auto mode?  Or are you wedded to iPhone images because the results seem more reliable and the filters are pretty?

If so, I offer bespoke one-to-one and small group tuition to introduce you to some of the technical and artistic concepts and tools in digital photography.

We’ll look at that famous trinity of shutter speed, aperture and ISO: I’ll show you what they mean, and how you can use them to get the images you want. We’ll look at light, composition, and storytelling; we’ll look at the ‘rules’ and think about when to break them.

There are so many reasons why photography is good for you.  Creativity in itself is good for well-being.  You can use photography to tell your stories, to document the world as you see it, whether that’s seeking out its beauty, or expressing something more difficult.  Equally, you can use it to escape your stories, and simply have fun.  Stay inside with kitchen table projects, or get outside in the fresh air; use it to engage with people, or to find some solitary peace. Photography is so many things; it gives something to everyone.

I often hear people say they’d like to take better photographs, but that they’re no good with a camera.  If that’s you, this will give you the confidence to get yourself out there and be creative.

One-day group workshops cost £100 per person.  We can even lend you a camera for the day if you don't have one.

One-to-one tuition starts from £150 per person for a two-hour weekday session.  Before our first session we will meet or chat on the phone, and I will design a short course based around your individual photographic interests.

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